Blogroll Contest!

This contest is quite simple. The first person to comment 50 times on this post will get to be on my blogroll!


Comments will remain in moderation until the end of the contest.

Start commenting!


71 Responses

  1. If your comments don’t appear, don’t worry, they are just in moderation. I will approve all of them so they show up at the end of the contest.

    By the way, who like the falling snow on my site?

    Start commenting!


  2. Must…get…

  3. Vennard.wordpress.com2

  4. 39
    watex if ur the only person who does this site witch i dont know if u r but ur other site was awesome too i was sooooooooo sad after it was officially banned 4ever and i was also sooooooo sad even the 1st day it was banned u used to be the only person who i went to for cheats

  5. 40
    watex shuld i call u woton?
    anyway im almost there this is totally worth my time

  6. 1

  7. 2

  8. 2

  9. 3

  10. 3

  11. 3

  12. 3

  13. 3

  14. waaaaaaaaaaa y am i not on ur blog roll i commented 50 times actually 52 now and ur on my blog roll


  15. im done with ur site

  16. 2

  17. Lolz I cant comment 50 times

  18. the picture looks cool

  19. 1

  20. 2

  21. 3

  22. 25 half way there!

  23. 40 80% there

  24. 50 i win!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

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