Two New Authors Added To This Site

Hey Everyone. Woton decided to work with us Ferraripen and Franpi. He will be an author to our site ( And we will be authors to his site too. From now on Woton will post updates on Club Penguin on our site like for example: catalogs, contests etc.. Anyway Franpi and I will make comedy and music videos and will post it on both sites. Our Youtube Channels are:

Ferraripen’s Youtube Channel:

Woton’s Youtube Channel:

Franpi’s Youtube Channel:

So please subscribe to us. Also remember to visit our new site I will always post new videos on both sites. Stay tuned for more videos and information. Also try to go to Woton’s 50,000 Hits Party! Invite your friends and family.


8 Responses

  1. Cool. welcome to the site guys!

  2. If you have any ideas or doubts leave a comment.


  3. you could make a vid and put people in it.If you do say yes to this idea i should be one of the penguins in it because it was my idea.

  4. hey dude Jrwz here. Can you give me a 1 month membership card? I will give you a 600 day old penguin that has a lot of member items. I really need this so please help me. Thanks dude and great site. My email is and jprchrysler300c is my aim. Please reply and thanks ~Jrwz

  5. This post will be moved back up to the top of that page once my party is over. 😉


  6. Help wanted! I need someone to post Club Penguin cheats, glitches, secrets, updates, tips, guides, and news while I am gone or while I can’t post. Anyone who works for me will get 1,000 coins weekly. If no one would like to help with my site, I will quit blogging and delete my website.

  7. hi woton, im BACK

  8. Can I be an author on your site or will you be an author on my site?

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