Be in Woton’s Thanksgiving Card!

Woton is going to have an awesome Thanksgiving card published on this website along with tons of other websites and forums! And the coolest part is- you get to be in it! All you have to do is fill out this form in a comment on this post!

1.) Your penguin name:

2.) A link to a picture of your player card:



If you do not know how to take a picture of your screen click here (for a Mac) or here (for a PC).

If you cannot get your picture uploaded onto the internet then TinyPic to upload it! Just choose your picture, click Upload Now and copy and past the text from the URL for E-Mail & IM box into the comment!


Picture Requirements

Here are some requirements for the picture:

You must take a picture of your player card WITHOUT A BACKGROUND. It must be of your player card, not your penguin when you log in.



What the Card will Look Like

The first eight penguins to comment a link to their player card on this post will have their player card pictures put in the mystery penguin spaces on this card:


Their names will also be put on the card. It will be published on this site on Thanksgiving!

Also, the Rare Penguin Contest is over! Winners will be announced soon (after I approve all 7,800 comments)!

Good luck!


25 Responses

  1. […] Rare Penguin Contest! Filed under: Uncategorized — cpwoton @ 11:04 pm Winners will be announced soon! For now, check out my Thanksgiving Card Contest! […]

  2. cool new contest. Cant wait for the winners to be announced on the old contest. Thx so much for your great commenting contest and hope I can win!!! yay. =).

  3. Hey Woton,
    I seen you yesterday!
    and here is the link to my picture.

  4. I am making a forum and if you would like to be in it E-mail me!

  5. […] Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #163 Filed under: Uncategorized — cpwoton @ 2:23 pm Don’t forget to participate in my Thanksgiving Card! […]

  6. 1.) Your penguin name: 1847e

    2.) A link to a picture of your player card:

  7. idk what that is but i just saw twilight and it was sweet!!!

  8. Penguin Name: Lilly541

    Link to Playercard:


    Woton: Advertising inappropriate sites and cussing is not permitted on this site.

  10. Also my name is benjemen

  11. *points at comment #10* OOOO bad word!

  12. Penguin Name:Med521


    Thank You

  13. My penguin’s name is Wallybob, and here is his link.

  14. i dont have a blog or anything to show you my pic. can i just email it to you?

  15. i emailed it to u, but i am trying to think if there is a website i could use!

  16. I can’t wait for the contest results! I commented over 200 times!!

  17. i commented about 500 times
    but you will definatly win second place or third place

  18. r u gonna make the thanksgiving card, woton?

  19. Thats me!

  20. oh well im too late thats ok

  21. dnt no if im too late but
    1. my peng name is pokmun143
    2.i think this is the right one [IMG][/IMG] im not sure

  22. not it wasnt um
    this might be

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