Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force!

The Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game for the DS has been completed! when you buy the game you will be able to get a code to unlock a secret room through the cabinet in the HQ.


Here is a sneak peek of the Elite Penguin Force Command Room:


This room is probably what that blank screen in the HQ was for.


The game will be released Tuesday, November 25th at the these locations:

-Best Buy
-Club Penguin Online Store

Sometime in 2009 the game will be released for European areas.

Take part in my poll!

Also, my Rare Penguin Contest will be over soon so remember to keep commenting!


4 Responses

  1. Question of the Day:

    Are you going to get the game?


  2. awww I cant get the game because I dont have a DS.=(. yay I cant wait for the contest end!!! your the coolest woton. =]

  3. I wish I could but I can’t. i dont have ds, i live in japan.

  4. how come in the closet at the club ppenguin in HQ

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