Ceptor’s Big Movie

If you read the title of this post then you probably guessed that I’m making a movie. Your right! This is going to be a Club Penguin movie. The movie is called “Is It Life or Death.” I can’t tell you whats it about. It’s going to be at leats 8 minutes long. I might upload it on You Tube even if it is more than 10 minutes. It doesn’t hurt to try. I will be needing voluteers to be actors, and some people to be part of an audience. I will be needing a lot of actors. For some of the actors, I’ll be needing their passwords. This is your big chance of being a famous actor of Club Penguin. Just comment here, and you can sign up to be in this movie. The actors of the audience part of the movie-I will not be needing their passwords unless they are actors that are part of the movie, too, meaning you can have more than one part. I will be needing as many actors and help as possible. Get ready, this movie will blow you away.

Coming soon,



8 Responses

  1. my CP username is Donnuh

    plz delete the password as soon as u can

  2. I want to be Killer on this Movie! DEATH SIDE

  3. ceptor e-mailed me! im in!

  4. audience i will be it can i thnx if yes!

  5. I’m in too! High five! I’m “Hostage”! “D

  6. Guys, plz comment on my site where I can keep track of everyone.

  7. did u email me?
    im asking bcoz i cant open my mail

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