Club Penguin Ninja Training!

The Dojo has been completed and Card-Jitsu has finally arrived!


Inside the Dojo you can go up to Sensei and talk to him.


He will give you instructions on how to play and give you a starting pack of cards.


There is an awesome new multiplayer game; Card-Jitsu!


The rules of the game are very simple:

You use your cards to play against other players.
Fire beats Ice.
Ice beats Water.
Water beats Fire.


To win you must:

a. Have three cards with the same symbol, in different colors.


b. Have three cards of different symbols, with different colors.


For every five matches you win you get to level up a belt. There are many different belt colors. White is lowest and Black is the highest.


After you have a Black Belt and have beaten the Sensei you will become a true Ninja Penguin! Beating the Sensei will be impossible without buying the cards at Toys “R” Us or any other toy store that sells them.



24 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to become a ninja!


  2. cool me too!! nice post.

  3. im a red belt

  4. dude iam 1lew and fbiagent96 i changed my name agian lol

  5. Too bad it’ll cost money to do it :/

  6. its not fair.i ant afford to buy the cards,so i wont be a ninja:(

  7. grr… it takes forever to get into the dojo, and i somehow can’t go into the smaller servers… >:[ i think the mods shud fix this problem

  8. come to my blog

  9. how do i get a belt with no sensei


  11. Cool! I want to become Ninja for Secret in Less Penguin server.

  12. I CANT WIN!!! i havent won against anyone? Do you think that Card-Jitsu will be here all the time? I hope so, because this could take awhile!

  13. OMG, Watex, I saw a person that beat the sensei, he looked like a REAL COMPLETE ninja, and I think he pressed the dance button or something, because he became a shadow!

  14. I beat the Sensei without waisting $7.99 on Club Penguin Trading Cards. I took the long path.

    Woton: Lol! Nice, man! 😉

  15. Here is some Ninja information. All you have to do to become a Ninja is earn all your belts. Put your Black Belt on. Now, click near the Sensei and when it asks you if you would like to talk to the sensei click yes. Click Sensei Mode. Battle the sensei about 10 times. Each time you battle him, he becomes weaker. When you recieve the ninja mask, go to the dojo courtyard. Now click on the stone. The stone should fall through the floor and a door will appear. Click the door. Go inside the door. You will be inside a place called flying flippers emporium. If you are a member, click on the Martial Artworks catalog. You can buy a Ninja outfit, dojo igloo, rice paper wall screen, stone lantern, and a hand gong. While you are flipping through the pages of the catalog, be sure to read the story of the sensei. Here is the story:
    One night as i was camping under the stars, i looked to a waterfall and learned a valuble lesson. River flows here from the mountaintop, and learns to become Waterfall. “I too have come here to learn.” I said out loud. “Here i will build my dojo.” Then i looked to the snow and stood on, and learned a valuble lesson. See how river leaps, From high snow ledge to snow bed? New places to learn. “A dojo must have many places to learn in.” I said out loud. “I will build strong walls, and rice paper flats to make rooms.” Then i looked to my campfire, and saw there a valuble lesson. But how can you learn, In a dojo without light? Fire is needed. “I will carve stone lanterns,” I said out loud. “So fire can come inside with me.” Having learned from water, snow, and fire, I built the Dojo in the mountains. When it was finished, I rang a gong to announce that it was complete. You can turn invisible if you wear the ninja mask and ninja suit and try to dance. Also, when you go into the flying flippers emporium, you can throw snowballs at the gongs or click on them to make them ring. If you try to dance with only a hand gong on, you will hit it and make it ring. This is the path i took. It is the long path.

    P.S. I hope this helped! It took a long time to type. You might want to add this comment to your Cheats and Glitches page.

  16. Card jitsu gets like messed up all the time! when you start playing it says the room is full and takes you out of the game!

  17. NOT FAIR!!!!! I DON’T HAVE YELLOW FIRE NUMBER 10 DRILL ONE (Sorry for the yell and I’m Green belt but I don’t have it. No Belt Penguin had one Yellow Fire Number 10 Drill Card, thats cheating!!Another Green Belt Penguin had All Number 10 Cards :O: 😯 Fonw Fonw Fonw (In TTO when Toon are Dead it makes the Sound “Fonw Fonw Fonw”)

  18. Woton u might wanna edit the last part..u dont need a card code..if u keep playing sensei u will win in the tenth or seventh match..he LETS U WIN EVENTUALLY….ok also check out my site

  19. guys im a brown bet ony one more and to beet sinse

  20. =D

  21. 😀

  22. 😉 ;(

  23. 🙂 😦 😉 😀 (copyright)

  24. i did it without cards!!!

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