Dojo Completed!

The Dojo has been completed! Now, when you teleport to the Dojo you teleport to the Dojo Courtyard.


You can get the Geta Sandals at the Dojo Courtyard.


Inside the Dojo you have to wait for five minutes and then you can hit a gong with as many snowballs as you can.


At the HQ the Dojo Courtyard has been added to the screens, however there is a black screen, which means that a new room will be coming soon!


Your settings have been updated so they show what server you’re on. You can also mute the music. (This picture was not taken on Woton’s account).



10 Responses

  1. I wonder what the new room will be?


  2. i hope the new room is a ninjas only room,where only the ninjas are allowed in. =). and can you plz tell me when your contest ends???????

  3. In Club penguin Wiki User have Idea of Room like Hospital,etc.

  4. I have a question and a comment. Here is the question: When will you announce the winners of the Rare Penguin Contest? Here is the comment: I think the new room will be the Ninja Training Room. Please answer my question ASAP.

  5. Cool! It Might Be Another Ninja Room!


  7. hey woton when is your commenting contest going to be over?????????????????????

  8. hey woton i met you on CP today. you said ill brb but you never came back. =(. lol. it was still nice meeting you though!!!

  9. u no de way theres ninja training tomoz dats y and dey hav to make a room for dat

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