Poll, New Pin, Penguin Style Secrets, Big Wigs Secrets, Multiplayer Game Sneak Peek and Newspaper Ninja Secret


How do you like me centering all of my posts and having titles for each topic? Having a title to the topic is like the title Poll right above this. Having the posts centered is like how the text is right now, it is in the middle of the post.


New Pin

The new pin is located at the Forest.



November Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

Click on the snowflake for the Pink Pom Pom Toque.


Click on the tree for the Russian Hat.


Click on the penguin hiding behind the snow fort for the Red Viking Helmet.


Open and close the Red Viking Helmet three times for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click on the star for the Black Superhero Mask.


Click on the “N” in “Clearance” for the Jade Necklace.


Click on the “N” in “Clearance” for the Mixed Bracelets.


Click on the “N” in “Shoe Collection” for the Black Scuba Mask. Notice all of these N’s? Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas!


Also, check out the penguins shadow on the Penguins at Work page. Ninja!



November Big Wigs Catalog Secrets

Click on the Spikester for the Spikette.


This will be the last Big Wigs catalog there is. Next time it will be part of the Penguin Style catalog.



New Multiplayer Game Sneak Peek

A new multiplayer card game will be released soon using the codes you get off of Club Penguin trading card games.



Newspaper Ninja Secret

In the newspaper there is a secret message on pages A2 and A3. Click the N-I-N-J-A in the heading LightNINg Strikes: DoJo DamAged.


This message appears.


This will definitely have something to do with the Club Penguin Trading Cards that will be coming out soon, since they have those symbols on them.

Also, I will announce the winners of the Mini Contests very soon!


9 Responses

  1. I am currently working on a ninja video!


  2. Awesome! 😀

  3. wow that is SO weird and very freaky!! wow lol

    cant wait for ninjas

  4. yo, wats up woton and friezypop?

  5. What a long post!

  6. Hey!

    Today is my party on Club Penguin!

    12 pm CPTZ Fjord – Dojo!

    I hope to see you there!


  7. Cool!
    My party is at 1:00 PST
    Server Slushy
    My Igloo (On the Map)

    Maybe I’ll go to Bellerophont’s party, and maybe Bellerophont can come to mine!

    PS. It is an Ultimate Friezypop Bash! (My biggest party)
    I am having it because of 10,000 hits!

  8. Hey chinsetakout here!!

    Today is my 60,000 hits party!

    10:30 am PST Matterhorn at the Dock!

    I hope you can make it! 😀


  9. everone iam doing a party after belles party cause iam completing 1000 hits in mukluk forest plzz come there pplz do come everone is invited and woton can u come has a featured penguin thank u


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