Club Penguin Ninjas!

First of all, the map has been updated so you can see all of the hidden rooms (except for the Dojo).


The Dojo is under construction. It looks like lightning hit the Dojo and burst through the wood. You can now go out of the Dojo.


Before you go out of the Dojo, make sure to get the mining helmet!


When you go outside of the Dojo you are on the top of a snow cover peak. Apparently the Dojo was covered in snow the entire time! Those ninjas we saw at the Halloween Party were actually walking on top of the Dojo!


There is a mysterious penguin that is trying to dig the Dojo out of the snow. He ha six question marks for his name. Notice his penguin color; it is gray! He is wearing a Chinese Hat and clothes and has a beard.

Before I continue, I wan’t to make sure everyone knows what a dojo is. A dojo is a place where you train in Karate or to become a ninja.

So…let’s piece all the facts together. This penguin, who lives around the area of the Dojo, has a gray penguin color and is working to get the Dojo out of the snow IS A NINJA MASTER! He owns the Dojo, I am almost positive of that.


Now, let’s do a little review on ninjas:


About Ninjas

Ninjas are one of the most common rumors in Club Penguin. In Penguin Chat 2 you could become a ninja and ever since there have been many rumors about ninjas in Club Penguin. You cannot currently become a ninja but the Club Penguin staff has made every possible hint that ninjas will be coming in the future.

This is what a ninja looks like:


Ninjas wear a Ninja Belt, Black Color and a Black Mask, just like in the picture above. There have been ninjas in the older version of Club Penguin, otherwise known as Penguin Chat 2/3. This game was available at, which is now closed. You could become a ninja in penguin chat by clicking on the “n” in “penguin” when you were choosing your penguin’s color.



Fake Rumors

There are various rumors that just waste your time such as, if you go to the Dojo for 30 Minutes and scroll through your buddy list or something, you’ll become a ninja. This is false.

There is another rumour that the Black Theif Mask is the Ninja Mask. This is not true. The Black Theif Mask (later named the Black Mask) has been in various Halloween catalogs. It was a costume for penguins to buy from the catalog.

 If you see someone walking on walls, having a ninja outfit, they are hacking. Hacking means they used illegal programs to get become a ninja. If you hack you can get banned from Club Penguin, fined and even thrown in jail! Here is an animation of a person claiming that there a ninja.


Previous Ninja Hints

There are many hints Club Penguin has given that have lead to many people (including me) believing that ninjas will soon be coming to Club Penguin. To name of them:

  • When you go to the old Club Penguin homepage by clicking here there is a header. Click the N on the Night Club and the penguin will turn into a ninja.


  • There is a shadow of a ninja in the Ski Lodge.


  • There is a ninja shadow at the Lighthouse.


  • The Ninja Egg was another huge hint that ninjas will be coming. It was released during the Easter Party, 2008:


  • In the 2008 Halloween Party ninja shadows appeared in the Dojo when lightning flashed.



  • After digging through loads of old Club Penguin information I found an old backup copy of a post Rsnail made a long time ago. He deleted the post from the Club Penguin website, but a backup from the old site is still here. On the page I found an FAQ for the beta testers of Club Penguin. One of the topics was ninjas! Here is a picture of it.


  • Many emails from curious penguins asking about ninjas originally made Club Penguin start to release hints about ninjas. A long time ago I emailed Club Penguin about ninjas and this is what they sent back:
         Dear Woton, 
         Thank you for emailing us to let us know what you have heard around Club 
         Penguin. Some penguins believe that Ninjas may be coming in June. I have never 
         seen a Ninja with my own penguin eyes and I have not heard of this rumor of 
         Ninjas in June, but this does not mean that it is not possible. Anything is 
         possible at Club Penguin.
         Have a great day!

         Club Penguin Support


  • In the Club Penguin Times Issue #156 Aunt Arctic replied to someone that asked about ninjas. That was when Club Penguin really started releasing massive hints about ninjas.



Ninjas Coming Soon!

Obviously judging by the hints that have been given and the recent turn of events, I am positive that ninjas will be coming very soon!



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  1. yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alsooooo in the dojo if you look at the contrution(spelllling) sign it has what looks like a nija on it… I really cant wait! If we do get nija outfits will we get a new couler or a set of clothes and is it avlible for non members!

  3. can’t wait for Ninjas to get here. thanks for all the pics

  4. yeah dude i emailed clubpenguin and they answered that ninjas are out and you can become one in the “secret room” which i never found

  5. Well first i think the penguins name is sensei. it fits in perfectly.

  6. Hey this is Why I love ur site. you put so much work into it! thanks for all youve done
    Your friend,

    Woton: Thanks! 😀

  7. I think that the six question marks spell “Master” What do you think Wonton?

  8. awesome thanks woton for everything you do! i dont know if i could EVER do this! if i could, it would NEVER be like this!! thanks

  9. hey thats me penguin!

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