Mini Contest!

To win this contest all you have to do is comment the correct amount of triangles there are in this shape.

The winner of this contest will win a penguin over 750 days old. This is not the same penguin that I gave out in the previous contest!

Also, I have a new site name,!


71 Responses

  1. My hint for this contest is to “think outside the box,” however since these are triangles my hint will be “think outside the triangle.” 😉


  2. 9

  3. There are ten triangles!

  4. 9 of them

  5. So far no one has gotten them right! Check out my previous Mini Contest that was very similar to this one by clicking here. The answer to that contest was 14 (that is not the answer to this one). Can you figure out why it was 14? Use that to help you get the correct number to this contest!

    You can guess up to three times if you want!

    Good luck!


  6. 13!!

  7. 18 Triangles

  8. My website is….. I’m on your blogroll please comment there if I won.

  9. 12

  10. 1 triangle.

  11. if i get on frozen will you be my buddy?

  12. How did you get 14 from the last one when there was only 9 in the shape?

  13. I think there are 19

  14. there are at least 19 so I’m going to go with 25

    does closest answer win

  15. 10!

  16. 17 I guess

  17. I mean 13 Triangles!

  18. 13

  19. oh there r 13 but some one already got it darn!

  20. Is it 11?

  21. Either 28….. or 10

  22. 15!

  23. Hi, I think that if you look closely you will see 3 triangles in the shape.

  24. 10

  25. Awesome site dude! Comment back at LINK REMOVED

  26. how do u get 19?

  27. 13

  28. The answer is 12!

  29. 13

  30. 13


    Woton: Thanks! 😀

  31. 11 triangles! 🙂

  32. 13

  33. 11 Triangles I tell you ELEVEN! 🙂 🙂

  34. I had this exact same question on my homework! Luckily, I got it right. It’s 13!

    Woton: Lol! Cool, dude!

  35. It’s 9

  36. there are a total of 13 triangles

  37. I think its 13 . . .

    will u email us the enguins name?

  38. There is 11 triangles!
    I’m cornchop5000

  39. i only see 10 how can there be more

  40. 12?

  41. 13 I SEE 13

  42. I see 13 triangles! That right?

  43. nine of them!

  44. hello luv ya woton u rock!

  45. have you seen the dojo and that weird person on top? hes pretty freaky….

    do u think its the ninja from the storm?

  46. i so hope u arent mad at my friend for the referral contest… tixply is his name. i told him to do it that way. sorry

  47. i really want to be your friend i think you are awesome and your nice and i love your site!! not just because of the contests, but like yeah i just really like it its awesome.

  48. and im not just saying that!! 🙂

  49. Is it 23?

  50. 13 triangles

  51. 13?

  52. There are 13 triangles.


    Woton: Please do not impersonate Watex.

  53. hehe good trick theres ten

  54. 39 triangles

  55. 13

  56. do u mind if i use those two square and triangle things on my site… if i give you credit?

    Woton: Sure!

  57. has anyone gotten it right yet?

  58. first of all i didnt know if i could enter again so just in case 13

    and once again ur site i said above i go on it everyday

    waddle on

  59. who is the winner

    by the way i think u rock i think this is really nice for you to do! thanks sooooo much!

  60. How do you choose the winner you draw them or something?

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