You Can Meet Gary the Gadget Guy!

You can meet Gary the Gadget Guy online in the secret Lab Room and get a cool background from him! Here is what he looks like:

Here is what the background he gives out looks like:

Here is what the player card background looks like in your inventory:

I will have more information later! For now, keep your eyes open for Gary the Gadget Guy!


12 Responses

  1. This is really amazing! I will keep you informed!

    Also, we are almost to 40,000 hits! Remember: at 50,000 we PARTAAAAY!


  2. Is this a joke? It doesn’t seem that real…

    Woton: It’s real.

  3. seriously omg all the time hes there ?

  4. Is it only for members?

  5. check out my site at LINK REMOVED

  6. saweet dont forget about my party tomorrow

  7. Awesome! Btw how do you crop pictures on normal “paint”?

  8. hey that gary backround icon is my picture 😐

  9. Nice Post Buddy!

    Comment Back!


  10. where can you find this lab

  11. i hate gary

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