Watex is Back!

Recently Watex got suspended for advertising a third party site, Prize Rebel, on his site. WordPress suspended him forever.

My blog watex.wordpress.com was closed for posting about Prizerebel. I am trying real hard to get it back but WordPress says the suspension is permanent, which I do not think is fair because it was just a single, accidental post that I made and I didnt know it was against the rules. -Watex

Watex, however, has returned on his free membership site, watexfreemembership.wordpress.com and his personal blog, watexblog.wordpress.com!

Just thought everyone might want to know… 😉


5 Responses

  1. Watex needs help getting people to view his new sites, so I offered to help!

    WB, Watex!


  2. that sucks. i jsut figured out his pass to the site! now hes chainging it?

  3. wow watex is really fames!

  4. your blog then why do u play watex why dont u play fever?

  5. cool! thx!!!
    but those links u put on don’t work!!!

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