Club Penguin Third Year Anniversary Party!

Click on the fan in the Coffee Shop. It will blow away the top of the cake so you can click on the Third Year Party Hat to obtain it.

The Ice Cream Aprons are also located in the Coffee Shop.

The Third Year Anniversary Pin is located in the Dance Lounge, right above the Night Club.

The Third Year Book can be viewed in the Book Room, right above the Coffee Shop.

Rockhopper’s cannon has been decorated and is in the Town.

However, Rockhopper’s cannon is also still on his ship. Maybe the cannon in the Town isn’t his actual cannon. Weird.

Have a fun time at Club Penguin’s Third Year Anniversary Party!


4 Responses

  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years already!


  2. he put the cannon in town idoit

    Woton: Then why is there still a cannon on his ship?! Don’t call me an idiot. Maybe if you actually read the entire post you’d be able to understand what I said in it. 😕

  3. Cool Post! 😉

  4. Happy 3rd Anivversery for Club penguin woton!

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