Rockhopper, New Igloo Catalog, Club Penguin Figurine Info, Portuguese Servers, Third Year Anniversary Party, Why Watex was Suspended and Other Updates!!

On October 24th there will be a MASSIVE party in Club Penguin and in Times Square, New York.

Click here for more info! There will be limited tickets available for the party!

Rockhopper has returned to Club Penguin! You can get to his ship, The Migrator, from the Beach.

He has a few new items on sale. The free item, The Eye Patch has returned.

You can check out his notice board inside his ship. It looks like he will be departing from Club Penguin on October 27th.

I have already met Rockhopper on Frozen. Heres a picture I took of him:

His player card has been updated since last time he came to Club Penguin. None of the buttons work on his player card except for the Claim Gift one, which has also been updated to look like a package. Also, his smiley face is super happy now! 😀

Old player card:

New player card:

Now for the Better Igloo Catalog secrets. This isn’t really a secret, but you can click on the Control Terminal for it to do a cool little animation thing.

You can click on the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.

Click on the Pizza Oven twice for the Stainless Steel Fridge.

Click on the books on the Student Desk for the Chalkboard.

There is some more information I have found out about the Club Penguin Plush Toys you will be able to buy. When we get a toy, we’ll find a coin attached to it. The coin is special for a couple reasons: The first reason is because every coin is different so we will definitely want to collect them! The second reason is because there’s a code on one side that will unlock special items on our penguin account!

When you get a toy, you’ll find a coin attached to it. The coin is special for a couple reasons: The first reason is because every coin is different so you will definitely want to collect them! The second reason is because there’s a code on one side that will unlock special items on your penguin account! When you enter your code, you will unlock a very special book that will give you access to a lot of all-time favorite items from Club Penguin that haven’t been around for a long time AND even some new, never before seen exclusive items that you can only get in this book! It will work the same for all penguins (those with memberships and without memberships).


In case anyone has been wondering why was suspended because he was advertising a third party site, Prize Rebel. Watex’s site will probably never be un-suspended again. This is the exact WordPress rule that Watex broke:

Content is not spam, is not machine- or randomly-generated, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing).

You can now switch languages from English to Portuguese at the top of the screen on

On you can also switch the languages using a tool at the top of the screen.

When you log onto a Portuguese server a lot of the penguins names are Penguins IDs. My Penguin ID is Penguin22205112. Even Rockhopper has a Penguin ID!

There will probably some new languages coming in the future! I can’t wait!

There have also been many other small updates on Club Penguin lately. Just to name a few…

  • When you log onto an Ultimate Safe Chat Server your name appears in Penguin ID. Once again, my Penguin ID is Penguin22205112.


  • On your buddy list, it says how many buddies you have.



15 Responses

  1. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! you are very good at this stuff! thanks soo much!

  2. This is great. But I have a question. When are we going to be updated about the penguin update post?

  3. ik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like how you close up on your pics, it looks cool!
    P.S. Click my name and visit my site! It’s been up for almost a week and currently has ONLY 90!!! hits!!!!!!

  5. hey i really like youre site its going to be my new watex site
    ps: think about a toolbar.
    pss:check out my site see if you like it okay
    psss: my web site is

  6. Woah Woah Woah…

    Long time no see….

    I’ve been on C.P, I just never really went on any blogs.

    But hey.

    Your site is still as cool as it was like a month ago 🙂

    Please visit a site that I help to run – Pengtropolis

    Catchya round 😉


  7. Thank you so much! I LOVED WATEX’S SO SO MUCH! Then I went on one day and it said it was suspended, so I searched for why, and I found your site! I like your site a lot too, so this is my new club penguin cheat site since watex is gone! 🙂

  8. how did fever’s site get banned

  9. have u just noticed the font thing LOLOLLOLOLOLOL

    Woton: Yes, I knew about it before. I am posting that update now.

  10. does fever work for you because i rember the post about the magnifain glass

  11. If Watex would have had his own domain name and website he wouldn’t have been suspended. Unfortunately when you use wordpress, they can suspend you for anything they want.

  12. Sorry i mean the club penguin monitor

  13. Hey Woton!Im just here to let you know I’m back in blogging!I was wondering if you wouyld like to work for each others sites?

  14. When I log in to Portugues Club Penguin, my Peguin Id was Penguin4799301


    Woton: No advertising.

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