Fall Fair Updates

First of all, the Plaza has now been decorated for the Fall Fair.

There are a few new prizes at the non-member prize booth. There is a Carousel Player Card Background.

There is some Blue Cotton Candy.

The Paddle Ball has been brought back from last year.

You can click here for the Ultimate Ticket Glitch that will make it super easy to get these prizes!


11 Responses

  1. Thanks for looking at my page dude have any points for the noobie on the block?

  2. Hey, great post and nice site!
    Keep it up!

  3. I just got my own CP site! Click on my name! When I get to 100 hits I will have a party. My blog is 5 hours old and has 67 hits!

  4. You are extremely stupid!!!

  5. Really nice!

  6. why havnt you been posting

  7. THERES A NEW CATALOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    not being rude


  8. I got the New Prize without untimate ticket Glitch.

  9. hi woton thanks for adding me in to ur buddy list i had fun with u its a nice blog have a visit in my blog also my grammer is twist can u help me with that http://www.fbiagent96.wordpress.com

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