Full Details on Toy R Us Plush Toys and Mission 9 Sneak Peek

Toys ‘R Us, Disney Stores, and the Club Penguin shop online will be selling Club Penguin plush toys starting on October 24th.

As I said before, each toy will have a code that will unlock a cool prize for your penguin online. Kind of like Neopets! Here are what some of the toys will look like:

Also, the sneak peek has been updated. Two of the penguins are now plush toys!

You can click here to download some cool plush toy posters.


6 Responses

  1. Make sure to save your money! I’m sure there will be some cool prizes you can earn for your penguin!

    Also, I will have a new contest coming soon!


  2. Hi Wonton im new to the whole blog deal and i was wondering if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think my blog is tommyuzz.wordpress.com.
    P.S The new penguin toys are sooo cool

  3. hey oton when i posting an ivite for tommyuzzs forst year in cp party on his blog when i check that you where on his blogroll it said woton(aka the king of blogs) you should really add to your blog roll for that

  4. and ill give you and dirrect link to tommyuzzs blog http://tommyuzz.wordpress.com

  5. Hey Woton! AWESOME site! Thanks I would love to be an author! 🙂

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