Ninja Information Discovered!

After digging through loads of old Club Penguin information I have found an old backup copy of a post Rsnail made a long time ago. He deleted the post from the Club Penguin website, but a backup from the old site is still here.

On the page I found an FAQ for the beta testers of Club Penguin. One of the topics was ninjas! Here is a picture of it.

I will not release the link to the web page yet.

Also, On October 3rd-24th, Club Penguin will have a sign-up for everyone to have a chance to win a free limited edition viking penguin. They will be giving away 1000 viking penguins to 1000 lucky people.

You will soon be able to click here to enter.

Also, Toys R Us will be selling CP plush toys starting October 10th. Each toy comes with a code that can unlock items online!


26 Responses

  1. What do you think Rsnail meant by “The Secret Room?” When (if at all) do you think ninjas will be released?


  2. the secret room is the dojo

  3. i already know the webpage. would you like me to tell them?

    Woton: If you want to.

  4. Who is Fluffy?Is it a puffle? A younger version of Herbert? Who?

  5. Can I be on your blogroll?

    I have the requirements. Please add me. When you do can you comment back at so I can add you to mine.



  6. Cool!!! 😀

  7. Ok, Here’s the page:—Week-1.php

    Copy and paste it into your adress bar.

    Woton: In that link it doesn’t say anything about ninjas… 😉

  8. fluffy is the yellow fish you catch in ice fishing

    Woton: Ya.

  9. Awesome!

    Thanks! Your on my blogroll! 🙂

  10. well it used to say somthing about ninjas

  11. well it used to say somthing about ninja

  12. Here’s ninja info.

  13. Nice Site! 😛
    Great One! 😀

    Reply back by clicking the name 😉


    P.S: Comment on the page “260 Funny Pictures.”

  14. ithe enter contest button wont show up for me

    Woton: The contest will not be open until October 3rd.

  15. you deleted my comment!!

    Woton: I accidentally deleted the comment because it was considered spam.

  16. Why am I not on your blogroll anymore?

    Woton: Because your time to be on my blogroll expiried.

  17. ❗ Warning:
    Ninjas are now in Club Penguin. Here is how to become one:

    1.Wait untill the clothing catolog has a ninja outfit.
    2.Buy the outfit and wear it.
    3.Go to the Dojo and then there will be a door.
    4.Go inside the door
    5.Then there will be a message saying Would you like to be a ninja?
    6.Click yes and you will be a ninja!

  18. ❗ Warning:
    Read the above comment.

  19. Woah cool so ninjas ARE coming 😀

  20. ❗ Warning:
    Black Superhero’s Mask is Found!
    (Posted on October 4 2008)

  21. WHO IS FLUFFY! (Last note) I hope you awnser soon thanks!

    Woton: A fish that is a common symbol in Club Penguin.

  22. Cool ninja info!

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