The Fall Fair!

The Fall Fair is finally here! It is very similar to the one last year, same games (except for the new ones in the member only room), similar decorations and some same prizes.

The new pin is located in the Lighthouse.

You can play various games around Club Penguin and collect tickets to spend at the prize booth, which is located at the Forest. More prizes will be coming soon!

Remember that once you log off all of your tickets will go away!

If you are a member you can get to the member only room, which can be accessed from the Snow Forts.

There are some new games there and a member only prize booth.

Make sure to check out all the rooms and play all the games at the second annual Fall Fair! Have fun!


3 Responses

  1. Make sure to check out the Ice Burg, too! Have fun at the Fall Fair!


  2. oh yeah great page

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    –Lucas Sanson–

  3. woton can i work for you ill work really hard and ill post anything you miss when youre on youre trips

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