Mission Cheat in The Newspaper and Fall Fair Sneak Peek

  1. Open the newspaper in Club Penguin
  2. Click on the paper on the table on Page D1
  3. Click the Red Book held by the Lime Green penguin in the picture of the article “Best Book in the Library” in the Reviewed By You section
  4. Then click on the Cookie held by the Pink Penguin in the Poetry section on Page C5
  5. Click on the TV on Page A5
  6. Click on the Tea Cup held by the Green Penguin on Page B4
  7. Click on the Message again. You’ve found the message from G!

He say’s to get ready for the Secret Mission!

Don’t forget, the Fall Fair starts tomorrow!

Here are some things to expect at it:

  1. Their will be a members only room. Only Club Penguin members will be allowed to use this room. Their will be extra games and other neat stuff included in this room.
  2. Non-members will be able to play games and earn tickets to.
  3. Prizes can be bought with tickets.
  4. Their will be a game in which you have to feed the puffle.
  5. Prizes may vary. (Items that may come back: Paddle Ball, Cotton Candy, and Lollipop.)
  6. Almost every room will be decorated.
  7. Rockhopper might be coming back. If he does, their will be some new items for us to add to our inventory.

(Thanks to Chewy for some information)


5 Responses

  1. Here are some details on the Fall Fair: There will be lots of new secrets hidden. Club Penguin members will be able to enter a special room in Club Penguin. It will have special games for the members. (Non-members won’t be allowed in, but their will be many fun and games for them to.)

    Mission 9 will also be released soon!

    Be ready for fun!


  2. Hello Woton! 🙂 i cant wait for the party!

  3. Hey woton!

    Nice post! Keep up the good work!

    Comment back to my site and tell me if you can come to my 40,000 hits party! Also check my last Club Penguin Music Video and tell me if you like it!

    Cya dude!


  4. Hey, Woton is there will be games to non-member or only in Secret Room?
    P.SNewspaper secret does’nt Work Why?

  5. The topic is quite curious, i must say

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