New Glitches

Here are a few glitches that I found:

Cheat #1: The DJ3K coin glitch works on Bean Counters. Here’s how you do it:

1.) Go to a non chat server.

2.) Play Bean Counters, which is located in the Coffee Shop. I’d recommend completing the entire game before you do the next step or else it will take a long time to get a lot of coins.

3.) Now press TAB until a yellow box appears around the x button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

4.) Hold down the enter key until you have your desired amount of coins.

Cheat #2: Here is another glitch that I recently found:

1.) Open up a window and go to Club Penguin. Log into your penguin.

2.) Once you are in a room on a server minimize the window.

3.) Open up a new window and go to Club Penguin. It will say “multiple connections detected.”

4.) Refresh/re-load the page. You will now be able to go on the same penguin on two different servers!

Cheat #3: 1.) Log into a safe chat server.

2.) Walk up to a free item or pin you have never gotten before.

3.) Click tab until the yellow box is over you’re igloo button.

4.) Press ENTER. The item will now be floating on your screen until you log off.

I will be doing some work to my Cheats and Glitches Page.

Waddle on!



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  2. Sure, dude!

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    ~Theo Paz~

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