Aqua Grabber Updates and Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. Right now, everything is out of order. I don’t wan’t to continue like this. So, I will be trying to make everything ship-shape. I will be booking Club Plan at my 5,000 hits party. I might be combining my party with Robcp1.

As you can see below, there will be Aqua Grabber updates. The front page of the game will be changed as below. Also, it will take longer to run out of air. On Friday, the new clothing catalog will be out. I will post the sneak peeks when they are posted on the Club Penguin site. Here is the Aqua Grabber update.

Everything is almost back to normal except I have no idea what’s going on with Bluep23. I will try my best to get him back to posting. Here’s the sneak peek.

I will post about my party after I get 5,000 hits. One thing I’ll tell you right now is that my new hotspot server is White Out. I will be just chillin’ all around the Island all the time in White Out. Be sure to meet me there!



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  1. Glad your back, Ceptor!


  2. heh woton can i get a job on your blog ill work really hard for

  3. hey dude awesome site please visit mine and drop a comment 😉

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