The Ultimate Coin Cheat

Update: The glitch has been fixed however penguins still get to keep their coins and no one was banned. 😀

Here is an easy way to get 1,000,000 coins without hacking! This is absolutely ban-free, I promise!

1. Go to a non-chat server. (It don’t work on a chat server)

2. Click on the game “DJ3K” But don’t hit play.

3. Hit “tab” until it’s on the “home” icon.

4. Now hit either the “enter” key if you’re on windows, And If you’re on mac then hit “return”.

5. Now you’ll be in you’re igloo, Now you guys can hit play.

6. Keep hitting enter. Now hit the “x” button on the top right hand corner. Hit that 2 times. The 1st time will get you like 5 coins, The next time will give you over 500 coins! Keep hitting “x” and you’ll be able to get as many as you need.

7. Log-out and you’ll get your coins!

I’d recommend doing this glitch ASAP because Club Penguin will most likely fix this glitch soon.

Waddle on!



11 Responses

  1. This is an amazing glitch! I promise that it is %100 ban free!

    Just to tell everyone, I have decided not to have a 20,000 hits party. Almost everyone is just starting school and I’m sure people are really busy with homework and stuff. When I get to 50,000 hits I will have a huge party! Hopefully, people won’t have a much on their hands by then.

    Remember that 50,000 hits isn’t too far away!

    Waddle on!

  2. You’re a genius this is going straight on ym blog as well as a promotion for you

  3. Are you sure its bann free?

    Woton: %100. However, there is always a chance that CP will ban all of the penguins who used this cheat after they fix it, however I doubt it.

  4. I really hope not!

  5. i hope i dont get banned!!

  6. woton can i get a job at your blog please

  7. I am Jealous 😛 oh man! want a cool Banner to ur site?

  8. They fixed it today, Moday, September 1st 2008. They removed me from the server when i did it. If I get banned will you take responsibility?


    Woton: I cannot take responsibility for bans, however I am almost certain you will not get banned.

  9. Hey buddy!

    I added you!

    Have fun!


  10. hey wonton! could i make a deal with you in exchange for 15 wp credits? i will do a post about your site put you on my blogroll for them please? or if you have anyother ideas comment the answer back at


  11. dudes you neewbs you get banned tommorow but reccomnded dont use cheat tommorow even though its disabled if you used they will take coins away orbann you forever my spare got banned

    Woton: Yes, I have heard rumors that some penguins got banned but I don’t think they are true, the server just automatically kicks you off. Also, it is pretty much impossible for CP to take away those coins.

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