I’m Back, Three Part Contest Vote, Newspaper Issue #150, Newspaper Pin and Furniture Catalog Secrets

Hey, I’m back from my trip! It turns out that I don’t have another trip I have to go on today.

Here are the funny pictures for the Three Part Contest (click on the pictures for full size). Please vote for which one you like the most:





I told them this would happen…

…but they never listened to me.






Here are the updates that were missed while I was gone:

Newspaper Issue #150

There is a closing ceremony for the Penguin Games hosted by ‘Rookie’ and Rory.

This is the 150th issue of the Club Penguin Times!

In the In Focus section there is another waddle down memory lane. It starts with the first time Rockhopper docked at Club Penguin.

There is a secret in this newspaper. Click on the word ‘Jokes’ to get two more jokes.

Also, the Soccer Pitch will temporarily be replacing the Ice Rink. It is available to members and non-members and can be accessed on the Map. Once again, this is only temporary. The Ice Rink will be back soon.


150th Newspaper Pin

To celebrate the 150th Issue of the Club Penguin Times there is a 150th Newspaper Pin located in the Boiler Room.


August-September Furniture Catalog

The August-September Igloo Furniture Catalog is located in your igloo. Click on the Tape Measurer button, then the Blue Catalog.

Click on the Lava Lamp for the Blender.

Click the Upright Piano for the Guitar Stand.

Don’t forget to participate in my Movie Making Contest!

Waddle on!



33 Responses

  1. Woton,
    YAY!!! My picture has ten votes already!!! I’m ready for my prizes!!! E-mail the penguin names and passwords to me!!!

  2. 😛 I kinda lost 😆

  3. its not over yet!

  4. YAY!!!! yOU HAVE 20,000 VIEWS!!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. yes it is, friezypop

  6. who cares… i know i wont get any votes but i still wanna see the final results!
    woton, when does it end???

  7. The contest will end in a week or so.

    Waddle on!

  8. Hey Woton. Sorry I was gone so long, but I was wondering if I could work here again. I’m sorry. 😦

    Woton: Hey dude, no problem! I just wasn’t sure if you were coming back or not! Anyway, I’ve re-added you!

  9. When will you show who wins the three part contest?

    Woton: In a week or so.

  10. So,
    Whoever gets the most votes wins?
    I thought you said the first person to get ten votes wins.

    Woton: I changed my mind.

  11. i think will win, anyway woton where is the music thing? 1847e

    Woton: What music thing?

  12. I think Freizypop’s is funny, just not on a Club Penguin site :p

  13. Woton,
    I did not comment saying “i think will win, anyway woton where is the music thing? 1847e” Coolgindara copied me.

  14. yo woton can i be admin here clone787@hotmail.com i really wanna work on alot of blogs

  15. hey wonton my best friend 9yoshi74166) is up for vote so its a bit obvious who ill vote for p.s cool blog

  16. hey wonton my best friend (yoshi74166) is up for vote so its a bit obvious who ill vote for p.s cool blog

  17. sorry something went wrong and i said it twice opps

  18. if you didnt have the vote who would of won

    Woton: Actually, the reason I have the vote is because I couldn’t decide between the pictures. They’re all so great! 😀

  19. NP, Tommyszz. 😉

  20. Just to tell everyone, I have decided not to have a 20,000 hits party. Almost everyone is just starting school and I’m sure people are really busy with homework and stuff. When I get to 50,000 hits I will have a huge party! Hopefully, people won’t have a much on their hands by then.

    Remember that 50,000 hits isn’t too far away!

    Waddle on!

  21. Man i said that video thing i apply!

  22. will you ever have an other contest that will have a penguin gi away because i really wanted to win

  23. Lol, I find it funny when people call you Wonton…. not sure why though.

  24. I mean I’m not sure why I find it funny.

  25. bod, thx for thinking mine is funny! i couldnt use a cp pic cuz my computer cant take pics… check out my site at friezypop.wordpress.com , and leave some comments!

  26. Woton,
    Yoshi74166 has copied Fever’s funny picture. Please delete his funny picture from your site.

    Automattic I WordPress.com

  27. Will do! 😀

  28. yay im slowly creeping up the poll

  29. […] forget to vote for the Three Part Contest finalists by clicking here. I will announce the winners of the Three Part Contest and the Video Contest this […]

  30. hey Woton!the music thing that there talking about is the one costume king won i think!

  31. blog me back

  32. hello could someone answer me like you did with yoshi74166?

  33. hey woton when will the next contest be?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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