New Contest/I’m Leaving

Yes, I’m going on another trip. I am leaving tomorrow (Tuesday the 26th) and will be back Friday the 29th. I will announce the winner of the Three Part Contest then. The next day (Saturday the 30th) I am going to leave again and be back on Monday, September 1st. Before I go, however, I am going to have a contest that everyone can participate in.

This is a video making contest. You must make or submit a video that you have already made of Club Penguin. It can be about anything (a music vid, a vid that tells a story, a vid of a party, a documentary on Club Penguin, etc). Just comment a link to your vid on this post. If you cannot get your video on the Internet then you can email it to me at Make sure it is on Quick Time.

There will be one to three winners depending on how many people participate in the contest. The winners will each get to choose two of these prizes:

  • Author on this site for a week (if you are already an author you will be promoted to Editor for a week).
  • On my blogroll for a week.
  • Your penguin in my next video production.
  • Your penguin in a picture on my site with me.
  • A choice of any prize 300 points or less on my Award Shop.

I really need my authors to post the Thursday and Friday updates. Thanks!

See you soon!

Waddle on!



14 Responses

  1. Let’s try to get to 20,000 hit’s when I get back! When we get to 20,000 hits I will have a party!

    See you soon!

    Waddle on!

  2. I will e-mail you my video. I already had a club penguin video stored in my computer.

  3. Hmm i will enter~! Keep Your Hits up!


  4. can i just ask other authors permission to post while you’re gone

  5. Hey dude nice blog!

    I added your site to my blogroll. Hope you add my site to yours.



  6. Nice site!!
    Check out mine!!

  7. Are you going to add my site to your blogroll list???

  8. there

  9. please post the winner of the funny picture contest now. you said you would today.

  10. HEy I’ve just done my pic!

    Are you looking for good pic or just funniness or both?

    Because I had to edit it because what I wanted to say that made it funny was like just a little bit to long so I had to extend the box by editing!

  11. I’ll submit it and tell you what it says and if it is funny enough, I will make a good edit that you can read thought you still might be able to read this one.


    I’m saying:

    “There are too many people in the pool for me to be able to watch all of them!”

    (The joke, just in case you didn’t get it, was that there wasn’t anyone in the pool and I was saying that it was hard to watch, well, no-one, basiclly)

  12. The Newest Video

  13. i hate my site

    Woton: Please do not impersonate me. It is obvious you are not me because you do not have an avatar. I ALWAYS log in and have my avatar. You have been IP banned from my site.

  14. Hmm thats y this guy say many things on my site 😐

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