Three Part Contest- Part Three

These people passed part one and two of the Three Part Contest and will get to participate in round three:

  • Yoshi74166
  • Friezypop
  • Vicko09
  • Bod720
  • 1847e

Part Three of the contest is a funny picture contest. On this post you must comment a link to your best Club Penguin funny picture. If you cannot upload your picture to the internet you can email it to me at Remember that only the people listed above can participate in this round. There will be one winner of this contest who will get to choose two of these prizes:

  1. A 700 day old penguin.
  2. On my blogroll for a week.
  3. A link to your site on my toolbar for a month.
  4. Woton’s buddy forever.

I will announce the winner this Friday!

Waddle on!



21 Responses

  1. Congratulations to the winners of Part One and Two! Don’t worry, in my net contest everyone will be able to participate.

    Also, I am working on a new music vid!

    Waddle on!

  2. I did’nt do both of the… but I’m still workuing with contest

  3. Hey Woton, my funny pic is from a place called Sketch Star on
    Here is the link

    Woton: Sorry if I wasn’t very specific but could it be a Club Penguin funny pic? If not, that’s okay!

  4. yayyyyyy

  5. i will put the funny picture on this post later

  6. woton,
    i do not have a blog to put my funny picture on. i will e-mail you my funny picture

    Woton: Sure!

  7. Hey Woton, sorry, but I don’t have a blog but I plan to get one soon. But at the moment I can’t take a picture on Club Penguin. 😥
    If you don’t want to use my picture that’s fine! 😀 I’ll just do the contest next week!
    PS. Could you tell me honestly if you like it or not though? Thanks!
    PSS. Good luck to everyone else!

    Woton: It’s all right! That pic is fine to use!

  8. hey woton
    because u dont have the requirements i cant add u to my blogroll BUT if u add me i can add your link to my funny pics page. is that cool with u?

    plz comment back

  9. Hey!! Awesome site u have!! : D

    Btw.. Can you plz come to my site and comment?


  10. Woton,
    I have sent my funny picture to you by e-mail. Open up the attachment to veiw the funny picture.

  11. Sweeet!

    I’ve gotta go to my mate’s house but I’ll make one later probably 😀

  12. woton,
    you should post everyone’s funny picture on your blog and have a poll for readers of this blog to vote for the best funny pic.

  13. Ooops I accidenly posted my pic on the next post. You should find it.

  14. I love you site

  15. I love club penguin

  16. I like your web

  17. you on my blogroll

  18. please can someone visit me blog

  19. Leave comments after another

  20. my penuin likes you

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