Why Watex got Suspended/Newspaper Issue #149

Update: Watex has now been unsuspended.

I emailed WordPress support asking why Watex’s site was suspended. Here is the reply I got:

Watex’s blog has been suspended because he is wanting people to download and install his toolbar.

The toolbar has been proved to damage computers.
That breaks our terms of service and gets people very annoyed. It could even cost people money.

He can have the blog back but every single post and link about that toolbar must be deleted immediately.

Any blog that links to any toolbar or asks people to install trainers / hacks / cheats or anything like that will be suspended. You might want to tell everyone else.

When watex himself replies to me I will discuss it again with him but you need to understand I did not do this to be mean. I did it because he broke the rules and put people’s computers at risk.


Therefore I have removed all posts and links about that toolbar. Do not download it, it could do something to your computer.

Of course, no one meant to do any harm by making a toolbar and asking people to download it, it’s actualy Conduit’s fault, they had the program that allowed people to make their own toolbars. However, WordPres had to temporarily suspend Watex’s site until the link to his toolbar is removed.

Do not use conduit.com to make a toolbar!


Newspaper Issue #149

There is another commentary from ‘Rookie’ and Rory. Keep clicking on them to see what they say. Here are the events that will be happening at the Penguin Games:

  • A cross country marathon
  • A swim meet
  • A track meet
  • A soccer game (for members only)

There are a few helpful tips on decorating your igloo. Run your mouse over the pictures to see more tips.

The In Focus feature is on early Club Penguin history. Run your mouse over the pictures in the article to get more info. It will be continued in the newspaper next week.

There are a few quotes from Gary the Gadget Guy, Aunt Arctic and Bambadee. Here’s a picture I made of their quotes (click for full size).

Here are the upcoming events:

August 22nd:

  • Penguin Games start

August 26th:

  • Penguin Games end

August 28th:

  • Celebration for Penguin Times Issue #150

August 29th:

  • New furniture catalog
  • New pin hidden

September 5th:

  • New Clothing Catalog
  • New Wig Catalog

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. Do not download any toolbars from any other site. I sincerely apologize if my toolbar caused any damage to your computer.

    Waddle on!

  2. guys I have an offical statement from Watex (Serioously I emailed him) it says “i was suspended for linking to a toolbar. and people on the toolbar were givin viruses”

    I don’t know what he will do next but it’s likely he will join another blog instead of starting another of his own.

    P.S I never download any toolbars other than google.

  3. i’m makeing my next vid into movie format as we speak in about 20 minutes it will be up and I need somone to put it on youtube for me.



  4. I appreciate this blog, and the personality.

    Even though this blog does not have too much hits, it is being run considerably, kindly, and helpfully.

    That’s what we all need. Bravo 🙂

    Woton: Thanks! 😀

  5. hmmm i downloaded mohds and watexs and ovbarbs and my comp doesnt have a virus

  6. Watex isn’t unsuspended.

    Woton: I never said he was.

  7. Yes you did!

  8. rayray5 is right, look at the top of de post

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