Rockhopper has Left

Rockhopper has left to return to Rockhopper Island. If you saw him, cool. If you didn’t see him, he will return soon.

If you look through the telescope you can see his ship. Over the next few days it will slowly get smaller and disappear.

Remember to go to my my latest contest by clicking here. I am currently working on a new music vid! If you would like to be in it email me at

Waddle on!



10 Responses

  1. If I add you to my blogroll, will you add me? I have just over 800 hits.

    Woton: You can be on my ultimate blogroll! Click here for it!

  2. Hi,
    I like your site so much!
    May I please be on your blogroll!

    My blog is:
    Can you add me to your blogroll with the name Chewy’s Club Penguin Cheats.
    If you could, thanks.
    You can submit your blog to my ULTIMATE LINKS @

    Anyone can be added to their.

    Also if you want me to work on your blog, my email is
    – I am capable of posting Friday updates for you right when they happen.

    Anyways, if you post about my site, and add me to your blogroll, I might add you to my main blogroll, but thats a might!

    Keep up the great work, have a fun day, and comment back on my site! Please be sure to visit everyday, I post cool cheats! 😀

  3. Hey Woton!

    One of the prizes for the art contest was on your blogroll for a month and I won, but I never was on your blog roll, so can I be on it now??

    Name: Bod720’s Flashy Site



    Woton: Are you sure? I’m pretty certain I had you on my blogroll.

  4. i’ll make a post tommorow

  5. Woton, you asked if i had a link i wanted to put on there in an email and i didn’t at the time, but i have that site now, so please put it on 😀

    You can check your outbox for the email you sent me or i can send it to you.

  6. WP logged me out but i logged in now 😉 lol

  7. Are you gonna add me then please do!


  9. Pleash

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