Dodgeball Pin, Igloo Catalog Secrets, Sports Catalog Secrets and Name Glitch

The Dodgeball Pin is located in the right hand balcony seat at the Stage.


The August Igloo Catalog Secrets

Click on the Crow Bar on the Floor Removal Service page for the Secret Stone Igloo

Click on the door of the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo, on page 16.

Check out the new igloo, the Ship Igloo! Also, the Gym Igloo is back.


August Sport Catalog Secrets

Click on the Blue Pom-Pom for the Orange Football Helmet

Click on the Penguin with the surfboard, then the shell the sea star. The penguin will now be holding the Silver Surfboard. You can go super fast while wearing it in Catching Waves.

There is also a new background for member and non-members.


You may have noticed yesterday afternoon that some penguin’s names disappeared, on their penguin and their player card! Club Penguin fixed the glitch pretty quickly, however.

Also, check out my Award Shop. I added some new prizes to it!

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. Were you around when the no-name glitch happened? What did you think of it?

    In other news: I will have a new contest soon!

    Waddle on!

  2. hey woton! i know! the no-name glitch was awesome! i asked to be a no-name’s buddy and it said ” is now your buddy!” 🙂 it was funny!
    and again so sorry woton! 😦

  3. Can i be in your band dude?

  4. Bad news Woton, someone has started to hack me!!!!!!!!! It’s a big problem right now 😦

    Woton: What?!


    Click this to go to stargate and win cool prizes(iphone) and I am not advertising this I am just showing everyone this.

  6. woton did u delete everyone (No post from Anyone!)

    Woton: I didn’t delete everyone, it’s just that no one is posting.

  7. […] on Sat 06-12-2008 New Pin, New Sport Catlog, and more…. Saved by jahshuah on Fri 05-12-2008 Dodgeball Pin, Igloo Catalog Secrets, Sports Catalog Secrets and … Saved by narutodbz0 on Fri 05-12-2008 Club Penguin New Pin, Igloo Catalog and Sports Catalog […]

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