Newspaper Issue #148/Sports Catalog Sneak Peek/Ultimate Rockhopper Cheat

Newspaper Issue #148 is mostly about the Penguin Games, which will be here August 22nd-26th. There’s a cool interview on page A3. You can keep clicking on the picture to continue the interview.

Some cool things about the Penguin Games will be:

  • You will have to play games to earn the free items, you wont just be able to go up to boxes and get items. That probably means that there will be some new mini-games for just the party!
  • There will most likely be a new room, that will be around just for the party.
  • There will be a cool surprise at the Ice Rink!

Tomorrow (August 15th) you will be able to buy a Pirate Ship igloo (that Rockhopper first designed to be his ship).

There is also a cool Mad Lib near the end of the newspaper. You can check a box from each section and press done to get a cool story to pop up!

Here are the upcoming events:

August 15th:

  • New igloo catalog (Pirate ship igloo)
  • New sports catalog
  • New pin hidden

August 22nd:

  • Penguin Games begins

August 29th:

  • New furniture catalog

September 5th:

  • New clothing catalog
  • New wig catalog

Here is a sneak peek of the Sports Catalog that will be released tomorrow:


There’s a cool cheat I found for those of you that have Rockhopper on your ignore list. When Rockhopper is online his skull face appears as a smiley face on your ignore list!

Waddle on!




4 Responses

  1. What do you think the “surprise” at the ice rink will be?

    Comment here!

    Waddle on!

  2. maybe cp’s gonna turn ice hocky into a proper game

  3. I can’t wait till the games come. Im gonna win everything

  4. 😀 I saw a photo with me and Woton on the finish of this post 😀

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