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Hello, everyone there was a miscambobulation between the admins about me being a perm editor versus me being an editor for only a week.  We have had all that resolved now and I am back!  Also there is a commenting contest on my website!  So you should all check it out!




Hi guys this is Kaneos (The new author).  My other blog is

I’m really pleased to have been added to this blog.  I’m not an editor or contributor so unfortunatly I can’t put my cheats up but when I’ve done a good job for long enough I might be promoted.  I’m just back from a holiday which is why I just missed the party.  I thought I’d share a video I made about cp mysteries with you at the end it’s good but unfortunatly I messed a bit of it up.  It’s a google vid and I have a few videos on google vids (Some of them are rubbish though and some are great). 

By Kaneos.


6 Responses

  1. Sorry i missed the party.

  2. cool kane,nice site woton

  3. Welcome to the team, Kaneos! 😉

  4. hey could everyone leave what they liked and disliked about this video and whether they learned anything new.



  5. Cool site!! Really Great! Keep up the great work!

  6. welcome

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