I’m Back/New Staff Member/Tipping the Iceberg?

Hey everyone! I’m back! Unfortunately, I none of my mods posted any of the updates so I have hired a new staff member: Kaneos! I got over double the amount of hits I was expecting when I was gone and got a lot of comments! I will have some sort of big party when I get 20,000 hits, which should be really soon!

Has anyone noticed that lately Club Penguin has been giving some hints about tipping the Iceberg? Here are the ones I’ve noticed:

  • A few weeks ago, in Newspaper Issue #144, there was a hint about tipping the Iceberg on page C7-C8.


  • In the boat hunt one of clues for where a boat was hidden hinted that it is (or will be) able to be tipped!


I am not saying in any way that it is currently possible to tip the Iceberg because it is not. However, it might soon be!

In other news: I will open my Pixel Penguin shop soon!

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Great post, as always!
    Anyways, I am wondering if I can be on your blogroll. (If possible, that would be great.)
    My blog url is: http://mohd222.wordpress.com
    And if you add me, you may submit your blog to my other Club Penguin site, that I use for Miscellaneous things.
    The url to that is: http://clubpenguinzone.com/contact.php
    You will submit it, and then in a few hours, your blog will appear on the blogroll.
    Please comment back on my site with a yes or no answer. (http://mohd222.wordpress.com)
    And if your lucky, I may add you to my sites main blogroll. (I have over 1 million views.)
    ~Chewy / Kingpin2

    And if you want to be on my main blogroll, soon, I can work a deal to lower the requirements to 250,000 views or less. So act now, and get featured later 😀

  2. It means u cant tip.it just Penguins trying it 😉 (No updates ?:)

  3. dude u dident get hits u got down from hits cuz no one posted and when ur going 14,430 now look 14,728 i think u must always be here!

    Woton: Actually I started with about 13,500 hits before I left.

  4. sorry ididnt post the updates

    Woton: That’s okay! I haven’t been doing a very good job of posting on your site, either.

  5. your site is getting better and better

  6. hey woton is friezypop
    i really like your site and i really like your contests! when r ur new ones coming out??????
    ps. keep up the good work!

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