Penguin Age-Updating Widget

This is cool…

I just found a, Club-Penguin-penguin-information-automaticly-age-updating widget

Whuut du ya thinks?



12 Responses

  1. sweet where did u get it from?

  2. Yay! It works, I’m a day older!, lol!

    Solraida, I got it from

  3. cool and that whole website is cool great find

  4. it says it cant display page?

  5. I think I’ll be on holidays during this blogs party


  6. Solraida, what version of Flash Player do you have?

    Find out here

  7. i have version 9,0,124,0 it says

  8. look like No updates on wotons site!

    Woton: Whatever 😕

  9. Solraida, I don;t know why you can’t get onto the site then!

  10. i can get into the site it just says wen i try to open up the widget page cannot be displayed

  11. Awesome Post!

    Check out:
    mmopuk wordpress com
    and put a comment too!!! 😉

    Nice Site!
    ~ Waddle On ~

  12. yeah, your site is great!

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