Club Penguin Opens an Office Down Under!!!

Club Penguin cant get enough of excpanding to provide more player support and moderation from an office in Sidney. The expansion of services means Club Penguin players in Australia will benefit from more timely and responsive customer support, the ability to pay in local currency and localy-based mods better positioned to protect Aussie penguins’ online safety.

Billybob, who is in Sidney to officialy open the new ofice, says Club Penguin has more than a million Aussie penguins!!!

Billybob said: “Personal support and live moderation are very important to how we look after our penguins, so we’re really exited to have staff working in Australia.”

Club Penguin opened its second office (with the first being the main HQ in Canada) last April in Brighton in England. With the adition of the Australian team to the excisting staf in the United Kingdom and Canada, Club Penguin will be more able than ever to suport its Aussie players.

“By hiring Australians who really understand local penguins, we can provide parents in Australia added security that we’re working hard to protect the interests and online safety of their children,” says Billybob.

And, like I said earlier, with the new staff in Australia, they are now able to let Australians buy memberships in their local currency, at just $6.95 AUD per month.

I think I’ll stop writing now, because my hands hurt!!!! lol.

That’s probably more than enough of what you need to know, but I was bored, so I felt like writing a long post! Oh, and, dont ask were i got the quotes by Billybob from, its a sort of long story.

~Bod720 😎


One Response

  1. Cool!!!!!!!

    I hope I egt to work with you people. My freind Ventron used to give me info like this but then he treid to hack me and he’s gone now.

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