Caption Contest/Contest Results/Penguin of the Week/I’m Leaving

Hey! For this weeks contest all you have to do is write a funny caption for what Woton is saying in this picture:

Please do not copy anyone else’s caption. Remember: I can tell who wrote the caption first. You can write up to two captions, no more.

Here are the prizes:

  • Editor on my site for a week (if you are already an author you will get promoted to editor). If you make good posts you might get to stay on my site for even longer!
  • On my blogroll for a week
  • In my next music video and in two pictures with me posted on my site

The more people I have participate in the contest, the more people I will have win. 😉

Picture Contest Results

The winner of last weeks contest is…Magic Pros! Congrats! He got 20/20 of the pictures correct!

Just comment which of these prizes you want:

  • Editor on my site for a week (maybe longer).
  • On my blogroll for a week.
  • In my next music video.

In case you’re wondering here are the answers to the contest:

  • Picture 1: Town
  • Picture 2: Forest
  • Picture 3: Snow Forts
  • Picture 4: The Plaza
  • Picture 5: Ice Rink
  • Picture 6: Cove
  • Picture 7: Outside of the Mine Shack
  • Picture 8: Inside of the Mine Shack
  • Picture 9: Inside of the Mine Shack
  • Picture 10: The Pool
  • Picture 11: Boiler Room
  • Picture 12: The Beach
  • Picture 13: Dojo
  • Picture 14: Ski Hill
  • Picture 15: Ski Village
  • Picture 16: Lodge
  • Picture 17: Pizza Parlor
  • Picture 18: The Beach
  • Picture 19: Lighthouse
  • Picture 20: Backstage (VIP Room)

Penguin of the Week

I’ve been going on Misam’s chat for a long time now so I’ve decided to have some of my favorite chatters that go on it as Penguins of the Week

  • Simmer 27
  • Matre 10
  • Tonetone34
  • Misam
  • Magic Pros
  • Blue Buru
  • Noogie DOOM

I’m probably forgetting a few, but these are the people I chat with the most. 😉

I’m Leaving

Okay, I’m going on yet another trip. I’m going to leave tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon (so I’ll still have some time to work on the site) and will get back Saturday the 9th. I would really appreciate it if my admins could do the posting for me. My goal for hits when I get back is 14,000. Usually I would be able to get more that 500 hits in a week but my hits really slow down when I’m not here. 😉

When I get back here are some things I will do:

  • Announce the winners of the caption contest
  • Make a new contest
  • Have a new Penguin of the Week
  • Update the funny pics page
  • Make a pixel penguin shop!
  • Begin work on a new music vid!

See you soon, everyone!

Waddle on!


New Editor

Hello, I won the contest for guessing the location of the pics so here I am now! 🙂  I am happy to be working here, and I am going to tell you a little about me!

1.  I do Club Penguin and my name is Spider Manj(it’s a long story)

2. I have my own blog it is!  It is a great website for all magic lovers and anyone else too!

3. I am part of a snowball army called the redraiders, and their website is!  Join it!

4. I will be a hard working Editor on this blog and hope you like me! 



32 Responses

  1. Have fun with the trip!

    Woton: Thanks! 😀

  2. I want to be an Editor!!!

  3. Here this is for the caption contest!
    “Why are the snowballs yellow? Ewwww…”


  4. All Rights Reserved To see cartoons from previous contests not shown, please search in the box above. Funny Pictures

  5. this is my answer for the contest:
    Yelllow Puffles obvousily can not read music notes or sing!!!!

  6. heres my caption. wow, attack of the tone deaf cloned yellow puffles, who would of thought that

  7. Here’s mine:

    “stupid cloning machine!”

  8. Woton, how many times can we enter the contest?

    If it is more than once, then this is my caption but if there is only one allowed, then I will think of a better one.

    “The Penguin Band must’ve got tired, and recruited some furry friends instead!”

  9. How about; Who peed? Is this sand? Yellow snow? What could this be?!!?

  10. rofl ta4422!

  11. OMG Goldy Had Babies Again!

    Thats my caption for you to say!!!Can i be your friend on CP!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!

  12. Heres my caption

    ” who the heck brought the yellow Oompa Loompa “

  13. Woton, start checking my site more because it is getting better and i need your help. you can post cheats in the cheats page and vids in the vids page, please help. for this reason im promoting you to admin on my site

  14. here is my caption.
    “Man! im gonna need hearing aids after this. You think my viking helmet would muffle the sound!”

  15. “Yellow snowballs…? eeewwww…, or maybe i forgot my pills!” ~iceyfrostick~ i sooo badly want this!

  16. *puts on glasses* oops… i thought those snowballs wer toilets!” lol ~iceyfrostick~ i sooo badly

    “no wonder the bands on break”

  18. LOL!!! 😆

  19. It’s a funny pic… my caption is “Why aren’t you back at the igloo?”
    Hope i win, this is my first contest!! Have fun Woton!

  20. Hi again… my second caption is “No wonder the Penguin Band is taking a break!”

  21. thanks for advertising my site again Magicpros!

  22. i dont know if we can post some captions but i will post a few…

    Caption 1: Wow the Yellow Puffles can sing !

  23. Cation 2: This Puffles is so talented !

  24. Caption 3: This show is so cool but the actors is so little

  25. Caption 4: I am so happy, the puffles sings only for me

  26. Caption 5: Oh my God, the puffles will brake the Iceberg with their powerful voices !

  27. Caption 6:Oh No ! The Yellow Puffles escaped from their Igloos

  28. Ohhh Woton I’m so sorry only now i saw, I can write only two captions

  29. Ok only this Captions will remain from me:

    Caption 1:This show is so cool but the actors is so little.

    Caption 2:Oh my God, the puffles will brake the Iceberg with their powerful voices !

  30. hey woton!!!!!! this isnt a caption for the contest but how was ur vacation?!?!?!?!?!

    Woton: Good, thanks! 😉

  31. “” (speechless)

  32. Caption 1: The puffles saw the advantage of a music festival and claimed a foothold for their invasion of Club Penguin.

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