New Clothing Catalog

Update: Check out this card CP automatically sends all members!

You can click here to view the catalog without logging in.

Click on the blue shirt under the Glacier Shirt for the Jade Necklace.

Click on the Rocker Wig for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close it 5 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the bottom of the Pink Sneakers for the Mixed Bracelets.

Click on the two blue bubbles on the Sarong to get the Divers Helmet.

Click on the upper left hand corner of the Purple Shield for the Woodman’s Hat.

Here are what items the sneak peek was showing.

The Vinyl Record pin can be found at the Night Club, under the green puffle.

There aere also three new band postcards you can send.

Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, can be seen through the telescope.

Today is your last chance to participate in my contest! Click HERE for it.

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. The catalogs main theme is shoes. They have all sorts of shoes!

    In other news: I am going to go on a trip on Sunday. More on that later!

    Waddle on!

  2. Hi Woton thx for da tips oh and that vid u sent me was cool i love the song

  3. omg your site is so cooool you should check this one : ******** its a really cool magic site with COOOL tricks that will really impress ur friends i swearrrrrrrrr


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