New Music Vid/Newspaper Issue #146

Check out my first music vid- Viva la Vida!

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Newspaper Issue #146 was released today.

As I said in the previous post, the Music Festival will be extended to August 5th.

There was a cream soda spill and you need to help clean it up. You can volunteer on august 5th.

A new play will coming to the stage soon! It will be like the Blue Team Rally Debut.

The In Focus Feature is on food.

Here are the upcoming events:

  • August 1st: New Pin, New Clothing Catalog, Music Festival Ends
  • August 8th: New Play at the Stage

Rockhopper will also be returning sometime in August!

The Penguin Band is back on break. Now is your chance to meet them!

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Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. Nice Music vid! I rated it 5!

    Woton: Thanks dude!

  2. woton, why dont you talk to me when i say hi on cp, its happened for a bunch of days, is something wrong

    Woton: Sorry about that. I’m usually working on my site in a different window while I’m on CP. Nothing’s wrong, I’m just not working on a different window. 😉

  3. Awesome Video And Post!

    Make Sure To Enter My Contest At


  4. cool!!!!!!

  5. Nice 🙂

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  6. great work great site thx 😉

  7. interesting site thx see later

  8. i like your site thanks see u

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