New Party


Its me sting 987

Well i have got 14,000 views! Thanks everyone!

The new game has arrived and everything else has come a long way from its old self!

Thats the new game you can get loads of coins for doing nothing but its still fun when you play it anyway!

Now for the free items they’ve brought out loads of rare items

The old maracas are located at the cove!

Theres a music Jam T-Shirt located at the plaza!

You can go there if you get a backstage pass from the catalogue here!

Thats at the snow forts!

This is what the backstage pass looks like!

Go to the dock and hover you mouse over the vip sign to get to it if you have bough the backstage pass!

Thats how you get in the room!

Now theres a catalogue in that room witch has all the rarest instruments!

There is only one secret item witch is the red guitar! click the dot on the i to get it!

Keep scrolling down for my contest!

Thats all for now so waddle off!



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  1. Nice post!

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