What is going on with Jojo?!

Jojo Nitro has quit his site. I have no idea what is going on. First, Jojo said that I called Bluep23 a bad blogger, which I did not. Then he said I called him a bad blogger which I did not. Then he said I was hacking which I was not. Then he said that I banned Gecko Lizard which I did not. Yes, Gecko Lizard has been banned for 24 hours but I swear I did not ban him or do any of these other things. I have no idea what is going on. If anyone has any clue as to what happened please tell me. Thanks!



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  1. Woton, we have been talking to him on the chat. (Me, Vicko, and Ceptor) and he was acussing you for evrything, saying your a bad friend. He sweared at all of us, told us we were bad freinds, said he was qutting his site, everything. Also, I’d like to let you know I did fight back in a way I didn’t want to, but I had to. Jojo will never trust us again.

  2. Woton, this is a problem. Bluep is right. Even I had to back bluep up in the chat. i never thought I would do that.:( But I had to.

  3. hey woton im having a party i hope you can come


    Time:10:00 AM PST

    Server: Cold Front

    Where:Starting in Detroit87’s Igloo

    and going all around Club Penguin
    i hope u can make it! ~Razza

  4. He was a weird at me earlier on the chat. I just thought he was usually like that. But he didn’t seem angry at all. Hey, and he said someone hacked his account, then gave it to you, so it was that hacker!!!!!

  5. Now, Jojo wants to have peace. Woton what do you think, should we forgive him?

  6. I have no idea why he’s doing this. I need to talk to him about it before I can forgive him.

  7. Ya, I still don’t forgive him. He only lied to me, and I’ll never trust him again.

  8. why are you lying woton?
    u did all of these things

    Woton: No I didn’t I don’t even know HOW to hack!! And why would I hack YOUR site out of all the sites I could hack if I DID know how to?!

  9. bluep13 why should i forgive because all the bad words you said to me

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