The Night Club isn’t going to be the only place going under construction. Another game, is going to have more levels added to it soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

What do you think it is? I think the update is for Aqua Grabber, and that’s a green blow fish. Also, the picture for the new game has changed on the Club Penguin Blog! Here’s the old version:

Here’s the new version:

What they changed is:

  • The Penguin’s color
  • There’s “DJ3K” written on the front of the set, which means “Disc Jockey 3000”
  • The switch is glowing
  • It’s smaller and there’s some part of a circle or something

I think that’s it, can you find anymore? Also, do you think Screenhog did this because the game is being upated, or just for fun? What do you think? Also, I made my own version of it:

My penguin color! Do you like it?

Keep On Waddling!


Hey again!

There is a new desktop wallpaper, and some new fan artworks in the ‘Community’ section of the Club Penguin website.

This is one of my favourite new fan artworks:

Evils Presley as a penguin from the catalogue.

Evils Presley as a penguin.

And this is the new background. It’s for the music party!

That’s all folks…

~Bod720 😎


3 Responses

  1. Nice post Bod!

  2. How did you make your own version. Comment it on my site plz. and also HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????? Did you forget to make me a header!? It’s been over 5 days!

  3. Hey nice post
    This is for woton though
    well done on getting all of them views you have nearly got 12 thousand witch is a lot to be proud of woton!
    me you snowbossi tonetone34 and pelkiun hae got around 10,000 views when people quit like watex we’ll be famous!

    Woton: Exactly, dude!

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