I’m Back/Contest Winners!

Hey everyone! I’m back! Wow! Awesome posting, guys! Thanks! My site is perfectly up to date, even though I wasn’t here! Whenever I’m away, I usually don’t get as many hits as I do when I’m here, but I still did get quite a few! Some of you may know of the unlimited buddies glitch. Because of it I am now adding EVERYONE that asks to be my buddy! Cool!

For the contest- Wow! A lot of people participated in my contest! The winners are…

First place: Bod720 with 11/11 correct!

Second place: Mrgreen10000 with 8/11 correct!

Third place: Spynick959 and Coolgindara with 7/10 correct!

I have already added people to my site and blogroll.

If you are already on my blogroll and win one of my blogroll contests I will just extend the time of you being on my blogroll. 😀

In case you want to know, here are the answers for my contest (The answers are in bold):

  1. What was Woton’s very first site? woton.wordpress.com
  2. Approximately how old is Woton’s penguin? 600 days old
  3. Describe Woton’s WordPress avatar: Ninja with a beta hat
  4. What is the first CP site Woton ever commented on? oo7rockstar.wordpress.com
  5. What is Woton’s favorite head item? Blue Viking Helmet, Beta Hat (My favorite head item that I OWN is the Blue Viking helmet, however my favorite head item is the Beta Hat. Both the Blue Viking helmet and Beta Hat are correct.
  6. What are Woton’s favorite two servers to hang out on? Mammoth and Frozen
  7. About how many sites is Woton a mod on? 30
  8. What is Woton’s You Tube username? cpwoton
  9. What is Woton’s WordPress username? cpwoton
  10. Name one of Woton’s non-member penguins: Beta 3, Fredtimjoe, Soccer361, Soccer369
  11. What is my Club Penguin show called? Woton TV (For those of you that said Club Plan, that is correct too)

I will post the next contest soon!

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Yay!

  2. Actually, the ultimate buddies glitch doesn’t work. If you go over 100 buddies, and log off, all the buddies who were over your 100th buddy get delted.

  3. That’s odd…it works for me…even after I log off.

  4. Woton, can you go on your XAT chat?

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