DJ’s Needed, Pin, Catalog, and Party

Edit: Sorry guys. Since the new features were launched SWF’s have been temporaily shut down. They will be back up soon.

DJ’s are needed soon at the Night Club. Probably for the new game!

Also, there was a new pin hidden. It’s a Treble Clef, and it’s at the Pool.

The Better Igloos Catalog was released, read it here.

Here are the secrets:

  • Click the Upright Piano for the Guitar Stand
  • Click the Coffee Shop Tree for the Vegtable Garden
  • Click the leaves of the Palm Tree for the Flower Planter
  • Click the Seaweed for the Clam

Club Penguin released a sneak peek to the Music Festival, it’s the Forest:

(click to enlarge)

Keep On Waddling!


5 Responses

  1. why is orbvab ste on prvate?


    Woton: Yo Chewy! I have no idea…I sure didn’t put it on private. 😕 I also got deleted from his site.

  2. Woton! You’re Back!

  3. Woton, are you from the UK or US?

    Woton: US. 😀

  4. When are you announcing the winners of your contest?

    Woton: I’m working on the post right now! 😉

  5. Can you go on your chat box? I’m on!

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