New Features

The new features are launched! Take a look!

Server Selection:

This is how it should look when you log on for the first time.

The full list of servers, on the first page, they’re in alphabetical order.

Penguin Mail:

This is what it should look like when you log in.

Here’s what Penguin Mail looks like when you open it, anyone can send you Penguin Mail, even your puffle! Also, there’s a free item… (click to enlarge)

The Blue Mail Bag!


There’s a forest outside now! (click to enlarge)

The new furniture selection, if you click the box

If you click one of those options, something like this comes up (click to enlarge)

Player Card Update:

The coins are in a new spot, there’s is only one tab, and if you click “All Items” you get a list of Head Items, Face Items etc.

Other Stuff: (things that the Club Penguin Team never announced)

The Spy Phone is in the left corner of the screen, instead of on the Player Card

If you turn and read the newspaper this happens

Buddy Request looks like this now

The green puffle is gone! The Newspaper wasn’t lying! (This is not a edit)

He goes and plays hockey! (You can’t play hockey, because he hogs the puck)

If you click the :Members Igloos” on the map, this comes up!

If you Sled Race, this is the new list for who’s racing!

If you quit while waiting for other players, your tube is still there, until someone else joins

If you just put a space in the chatbar, and press “enter” it will show a empty speech balloon

If you try to click someone else’s puffle, their player card doesn’t come up.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I’m on a old computer and PNG pictures aren’t a option. Also, all the penguins and passwords saved on our computers were erased. (

Keep On Waddling!



3 Responses

  1. Nice post! I’ll see you in Club Penguin!

  2. Nice Post


  3. Today it was in Dance Club but, it was in Ice Rink Again! Green puffe is Underrest in Ice rink, so say “Go away Puffle” or “You are Posted to Guard in dance Club” and “You are Keeper of Boiler Room!”

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