I’m Going on a Trip!

Hey everyone! I’m going on yet another trip (don’t worry, this will be the last one this summer). I’m going to leave on Monday the 14th and get back Sunday the 20th. Could my authors please post the updates for me while I’m gone? Thanks!

Before I leave I have a few things to discuss:

Matre10 and Tiristern’s Chat

I am a mod on Matre10 and Tiristern’s bribble chat box! Click here to go to it!


Club Plan

Wow! Club Plan is doing great! You can now even become a Member of Club Plan by clicking here!


When I get back from my trip here are a few things that will happen:

  • I will announce the winners of the latest contest (I have had eight entries so far in only a few days)!
  • I will make a page where you can comment to get prizes!
  • I will make an Ultimate Links site where ANYONE can be on my blogroll!
  • I will make an all new awesome widget system and a few new widgets!
  • I might get a custom CSS or site name !
  • I will have a new contest and a new Penguin and Igloo of the Week
  • I will update a bunch of pages
  • I will make a bunch of music vids!

Once again, could my mods please update this site? Thanks!

See you soon!

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. duh u said ur gona delete me 🙂 why can’t u delete me now? 🙂

  2. I don’t want to, Cpwatex. You didn’t have to do this.

  3. I’ll try my best to update this site!

  4. man i will give u credits when i got 50,000 hits to my site! and i will do the best to u!

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