I’m Thinking of Making a Band

I’ve been thinking all day about being in a band. Well, I decided to create one. If the members in this picture approve to be in the band, comment on this post. The members in the picture are Bluep23, me (Ceptor99), Vicko09, and Woton. Let’s hope they want to be in this band. Our first performance (If the band is a success) is on the 25th (The Music Festival). Here’s the picture. This will be our logo. The band’s name will be Club Plan.


9 Responses

  1. That sounds great!!

  2. can i be in your band im an author on this site!

  3. Once I get to know you, I might add you.

  4. I would suggest creating your own band because when there is too many members, the extra members don’t have a part to play.

  5. Hi My name is dogluver2525

  6. Sorry I messed up on that other comment dont post it.

    I was thinking about that to and I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN A BAND if you are going to respond to me about it dont send it to my email because it doesnt work.

    Hope to be in your band at will you make a new picture with my (or someone esle)picture just wondering????

  7. Hmm If you want to be part of the band go to the Club Plan site . Woton will soon make a sign up page. But you will only get to make music videos with us and perform a little.

  8. Sorry everyone, no one else can be in the band. This is just a thing for us 4 frineds. But, you can always go to http://clubplan.wordpress.com and sahre your music videos. Also, one lucky penguin will perform with us every performance! 😀

    Woton: Actually, you can. More on that later…

  9. Ceptor can i be in the band?

    Woton: I’m working on a sign up page!

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