Art Contest Results!

Wow! That was one spectacular contest! We had 16 entries in only a week and a half! I have decided, that since everyone worked really hard to make each of these I will give EVERYONE a prize! However, some of the prizes will be larger than others. 😉

Before I announce the winners I just wanted to tell you that Beta 3’s pass does not work. It’s some sort of glitch with CP, because whenever I try to change his pass it says that it is not the correct email. I have tried every email I have ever owned. I am the only one that can go on him, because his pass is remembered on my comp and even though I know the pass it says it is wrong on any other comps.

Now for the winners…


In first place:





Each of them get these prizes:

  • On Orbvab’s blogroll for a month (Orbvab has a very famous site)
  • On my blogroll for a month
  • Fredtimjoe’s (Woton’s non member penguin with the most items) password 
  • Soccer361’s (Woton’s oldest non member penguin with some very rare pins) password.


In second Place:




Each of them get all of these prizes:

  • On my blogroll for two weeks 
  • Soccer361’s (Woton’s oldest non member penguin with some very rare pins) password.


In third Place:



Bluep 23-


New Blueboy-


Each of them will get to be on my blogroll for two weeks!


Everyone who participated in this contest won something! 😀

Congratulations, everyone! Great job on this contest!

I have already sent the penguin pass emails to everyone and put people on my blogroll. You may notice that I deleted a ton of people from my blogroll so it makes it increases your chance of your blog being clicked on. 😉 You should get quite a few more hits each day from being on my blogroll!

I will have a new contest soon, hopefully today!

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Cool! I think Beta 3’s pass doesn’t work, because the CP staff watches our sites, so when they saw you giving it away, they blocked the account, except for you.

  2. I had the same problem. Before Yopingwen was banned, I was trying to change his password. It said the wrong email. After that I was thinking, and I remembered that I did use a different email. But I forgot the email’s password.

  3. Hola!
    My email is i used a diff emailto make my site than i normally use!

  4. Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader

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