Penguin of the Week and Igloo of the Week

Hey everyone! Sorry, this post is a little late, but here is the Igloo and Penguin of the Week!

The Penguin of the Week is…

Oo7rockstar! The first comment I ever did was on his site, and I checked out his site and chatted with him every day for about a month. I was so inspired by him that I decided to make my own Club Penguin site… He was one of the first really good friends I made on CP. Later, he added me to his site. I went through a lot of things with him, including a time when Cprox (Bulletwolf) hacked his site. We got it back…eventualy. Then I started working with Napoleon21 because he was working with Oo7rockstar, but that’s another story… A while ago, however, Oo7rockstar quit Club Penguin, but his story still lives on…


The igloo of the week is…

Ompaloompa’s igloo!

In other news: We have 10,000 hits! I will make a huge contest to celebrate soon, and announce the winners of the Art Contest! This is seriously your last chance to participate in it by clicking HERE. I have decided to give everyone who participates in this contest a prize of some sort, but I will also have more than one Grand Prize winner! 😉

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. Oh no! I deleted a ton of work I did on my sidebar… 😦 Gotta start all over again…

  2. congradulation’s woton it’s been age’#s how are ya? u have msn? if you do add me!

    Woton: Hey dude! How’s it goin?

  3. Hey nice site visit mines 😉
    I really need more hits.

  4. yo im fine woton hey wanna meet on cp sometime?

  5. Hello woton U R My best friend

    Now And Check it Out Want A Penguin

    Haha VisiT My Channel Heres URL


    I hOpe You Online now~~~~~~


  6. You rock Woton! Nice job with the hits!

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