I’m Back!

Hey everyone! I’m back from my trip! Here’s a quick update of what happened while I was gone:

Clothing Catalog Secrets (Sorry, I had to do this quickly so I got it from Watex)

Here are the secrets of the clothing catalog located in the Gift Shop.

There are 4 “new” backgrounds, three of which are old ones that have returned.

Click on the Belt Buckle for the Red Viking Helmet

Close and open the Red Viking Helm 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet

Click on the Diver’s Belt Gauge for the Diver’s Helmet

Click on the upper left section of the Green Tabard for the Woodsman’s Hat

Click on the hat streamer of the Princess’s hat for the Crystal Staff

Click on the Green Rubber Boots for the Cheesy Necktie

Wig Catalog Secrets

Click the Blue Spikester for the Pink Spikette


New Pin

There is a new pin at the Cove- The Rocket Pin


Penguin Mail Sneak Peek


Rockhopper Left



Sorry, I had to do that update really quick so that I can start on some other really cool improvements to this site! Let me tell you about them…

Coming up soon…

  • An entire new widget system- I am experimenting with some totally awesome widget designs. It might not work, but if it does- you will never expect what I have in mind! 😉
  • A Club Penguin History page- For a long time people have been debating who the CP mods are in real life. This page will have the correct info on all the mods. I might even make a vid on it. 😀
  • Woton TV- I have a really great movie editing program, some really great music, but a screen recorder that sucks! However, I am thinking about doing a few music vids! 😀 It is extremely hard to make effects and everything, because, actually my movie editor isn’t that great. Anyway, I most likely won’t be able to make them anytime soon, but I’ll try!
  • I still have over 70 new funny pics to download.
  • I will update the myths and secrets page.
  • I will update the game page.
  • I am going to have a new page where you can comment and do things to earn cool prizes! I might even make a site for it! 😀

Some of these things I might not finish for a while but I hope to get some of them done soon!

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Cool! That rocks! I can’t wait!!

  2. 😀

  3. yay!

  4. I made 2 widgets so far

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