I’m Leaving!

Hey everyone! I’m going to be going on a trip and will not be able to post! I’ll leave early tomorrow (Thursday) and get back on Monday. I would appreciate it if one on my mods could please post the Thursday and Friday updates. Thanks!

I have quite a few things planned for when I get back:

  • I will announce the winners of the art contest and make a new contest! If I have 10,000 hits by the time I get back it will be an extra large contest! Remember, this is your last chance to participate in the art contest!
  • I will update my Funny Pics page and my Myths and Secrets page!
  • I will make two new pages! One of them, you will be able to earn prizes on! 😉
  • I will have a new Penguin of the Week and igloo of the week!

By the way, I am extremely sorry to everyone who has won one of my contests for Beta 3 or is hoping to win one, but Beta 3’s password does not work. It’s some sort of glitch with CP, because whenever I try to change his pass it says that it is not the correct email. I have tried every email I have ever owned. I am the only one that can go on him, because his pass is remembered on my comp and even though I know the pass it says it is wrong on any other comps. I will be sending the Find the Differences contest winners that won Beta 3, Fredtimjoe’s pass (who actually is a better penguin than Beta 3).

One last thing, I have joined a website called No Hackers. We fight against CP hackers! You can check it out here:


You can join here:


The site is currently under construction but when I get back I will finish it up!

See you on Monday!

Waddle on!


P.S. Have a happy Fourth of July!


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  1. Thanks, mods!

    Waddle on!

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