Penguin of the Week, Igloo of the Week and Rockhopper! (For the third time)

The Penguin of the Week is…

Orbvab! He has been one of my best CP friends for a while, but might be quitting and deleting his site! Please go to and tell him not to delete his site! If he quits but doesn’t delete his site I might be able to be the owner of the site, since right now I do a lot of the posting on it! 😉 But I really hope he doesn’t quit…he has a great site and is really famous.


I couldn’t exactly find a good igloo so I had to post my igloo as the Igloo of the Week.

I heard it takes up and entire server for Club Penguin… Lol.


I also saw RH for the third time yesterday! He was on Frozen at around 6:00 PM PST. Here’s how our party with him went…

We started in the Plaza where Rh told us to go on an adventure!

At the Snow Forts we had a snowball fight..

…and told a few jokes! 😉

Then Rockhopper explained to us, the importance of Yarr, and of his beard.

Then he told us to do our heart emotes.

The results were spectacular! 🙂

Then we went over to the Town. The very, very busy Town.

A beta joined the party and things really started going crazy!

We went over to his ship and gave him constructive criticism on it… Lol. 😀

But alas, Rockhopper had to leave…

…although the party still went on! 😉

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Wow! really nice

  2. LUCKY! I HAVENT SEEN RH YET THIS TIME! Well I saw him last time 3 times but i wanna see him this time1

  3. Cool! That’s weird! We saw RH on the same day, and the same beta! Cool!

  4. what server where you on when u saw him?

    Woton: I was on the server Frozen

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