Rockhopper is Here!


Credits to Mike92

Rockhopper is here, and he brought back some old items, a new item and a re colored item.

(Click for full size)

If you meet Rockhopper, he will give you the Rockhopper Background.

If you want to get in to the Captain’s Quarters, then here is how to obtain the key.

  1. Go to the book room.
  2. Open the book called The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.
  3. Go to the last page and you will see a letter, open the letter and you will get the key.

Also a new sports catalog came out today, here are the secrets in it.

Click on the soccer ball to get the Cleats.

To get the silver surfboard, first click the green penguin, then the starfish and shell.

~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara


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  1. Who won ur contest?

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